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Dasakam - 91 - Bhakthi Mahatvam

In this Dasakam, Bhattathiri listed the significance of devotional path and ways to lead to it which leads to Moksha.

For those who are attached to their body and material world, which are illusory in nature, only way to expel their fear of death, is to surrender, serve and worship the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, the God of all gods and the soul of all beings in the world. When such people, who follow the devotional path as advised by Lord himself, slips out of the righteous path by chance, he will be redirected to the righteous path automatically. In other words, persons in devotional path never err.

Bhattathiri surrendered his body, speech and mind and the actions done out of them at the feet of the Supreme Lord. One who surrenders his actions, speech, senses and vital energies at Lord's feet, even if he is born out of a lower Varna, he will purify this world. It is not so in the case of person born as Brahmin but is indifferent towards Lord.

Fear is induced in the mind only due to the consciousness of a second entity which is different from oneself and that also is just the projection of one's own mind. Jivatma and Paramatma are the same. A pot is made up of clay, still the pot is eventually the clay. Similarly, what has arised out of Brahman is Brahman itself.  Bhattathiri says that he will take effort to control his mind with this discriminative intelligence so as to realise that everything is Brahman. Once the mind is inflicted by maya and indulges in lust and anger, then however tried to bring the mind back to the path of devotion, it is still not the same as before. Hence Bhattathiri requested Lord to give him a focused mind which makes him always devoted to Lord and that would ultimately ward off his fears and miseries.

In this world, anyone who associates himself with people blessed by Mahalakshmi, gains wealth. Similarly association with devotees, who contemplate on Lord's feet generates and grows more devotion. Bhattathiri prayed to Lord to grant him more association with such devotees. Hearing Lord's glories and narration of his pastimes through devotees, by the grace of Lord, one can attain firm and intense devotion which can ward off sins.

Among many paths available to reach Moksham, Bhattathiri requested Lord to make him more interested in the bhakthi margam, listening to stories of Lord's various incarnations, pastimes, chanting his many different names, sometimes singing them  happily, melting sometimes with tears and sometimes shouting them out in ecstasy. Bhattathiri requested that he may be granted mercy so that he could live in this world free from all inhibitions and attachments.

Bhattathiri saluted the five elements of nature and the world created out of them, the birds, fishes, animal species, human beings who live in it, his friends, enemies with devotion and balanced mind as they are all forms of Lord only. He believes that firm devotion, dispassion and knowledge of the true nature of the supreme Lord are obtained automatically, by worshipping and serving Lord constantly.

Having kept the mind and its focus on the Supreme Lord, Bhattathiri does not experience thirst, hunger due to bodily attachments. He wanted to be focused on meditating the Lord's feet all the time and does not want to have likes or dislikes on anything. He wanted to nurture on the thought that everything is Maya and hence liked to be free of happiness or sad. He wanted to practice the balanced state of mind always and keep his mind as cool as the moon of the Lord's toe nails.

If Lord feels that Bhattathiri had not matured enough to see Lord in every living thing including animals at that point of time, then he requested that he may be granted devotion, love towards the devotees of Lord, compassion towards ignorant people, tolerance towards enemies. If Lord still felt that Bhattathiri was not eligible for that also, then at least he may be granted increased devotion to worship Lord in the form of idol. He felt confident that by following one of the many paths of devotion, a devotee will definitely become the best devotee to Lord.

Lord of the worlds has hidden his true form and appears as earth, water, air and other elements in combination with Maya. The jivatmas, due to their past karmas are born again and again without having the ability to control their mind, suffering constantly due to Maya. Bhattathiri prayed to Lord, that he may be spared from the Lord's Maya and requested only devotion to the Lord's feet. He requoted the statement of a Siddha yogi, Praputtar who advised the King Nimi of Videha, that only way to escape from the clutches of Maya is to be devoted firmly with mind fixed on Lord's feet.

Seeing how the people face difficulties in life, Bhattathiri requested that he gets more philosophical maturity, which will fetch him a good master or guru. He would learn to realise the true form of the Lord and sing his glory and stories  which will increase his devotion, thereby win over the Maya and experience the eternal bliss. Staying devoted to Lord is the first step. Bhattathiri prayed to the Lord to bless him with such a guru so that he can win over Maya and experience the true bliss and requested relief from all his ailments. Lord Guruvayoorappan nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Lyrics of Dasakam 91

श्रीकृष्ण त्वत् पदोपासनम् अभयतमं बद्धमिथ्यार्थ दृष्टे:
मर्त्यस्यार्तस्य मन्ये व्यपसरति भयं येन सर्वात्मनैव ।
यत्तावत् त्वत् प्रणीतानिह भजनविधीन् आस्थितो मोहमार्गे
धावन् अपि आवृताक्ष: स्खलति न कुहचित् देव देवाखिलात्मन् ॥१॥

shriikR^iShNa tvat padOpaasanam abhayatamaM baddhamithyaartha dR^iShTe:
martasyaartasya manye vyapasarati bhayaM yena sarvaatmanaiva |
yattaavat tvat praNiitaaniha bhajanavidhiin aasthitO mOhamaarge
dhaavann api aavR^itaaksha: skhalati na kuhachit deva devaakhilaatman || 1 ||

भूमन् कायेन वाचा मुहुरपि मनसा त्वत् बल प्रेरितात्मा
यद्यत् कुर्वे समस्तं तदिह परतरे त्वय्यसौ अर्पयामि ।
जात्यापीह श्वपाक: त्वयि निहितमन: कर्म वागिन्द्रियार्थ-
प्राणो विश्वं पुनीते न तु विमुखमना: त्वत्पदात् विप्रवर्य: ॥२॥

bhuuman kaayena vaachaa muhurapi manasaa tvat bala preritaatmaa
yadyat kurve samastaM tadiha paratare tvayyasaav arpayaami |
jaatyaapiiha shvapaaka: tvayi nihita mana: karma vaagindriyaartha-
praaNO vishvaM puniite na tu vimukhamanaa: tvatpadaat vipravarya: || 2 ||

भीतिर्नाम द्वितीयात् भवति ननु मन:कल्पितं च द्वितीयं
तेनैक्याभ्यास शीलो हृदयमिह यथा शक्ति बुद्ध्या निरुन्ध्याम् ।
मायाविद्धे तु तस्मिन् पुनरपि न तथा भाति मायाधि नाथं
तं त्वां भक्त्या महत्या सततमनुभजन् ईश भीतिं विजह्याम् ॥३॥

bhiitirnaama dvitiiyaat bhavati nanu mana: kalpitaM cha dvitiiyaM
tenaikyaabhyaasa shiilO hR^idayamiha yathaa shakti buddhyaa nirundhyaam |
maayaaviddhe tu tasmin punarapi na tathaa bhaati maayaadhi naathaM
tam tvaaM bhaktyaa mahatyaa satatamanubhajann iisha bhiitiM vijahyaam || 3 ||

भक्तेरुत्पत्ति वृद्धी तव चरणजुषां सङ्गमेनैव पुंसाम्
आसाद्ये पुण्यभाजां श्रिय इव जगति श्रीमतां सङ्गमेन ।
तत्सङ्गो देव भूयात् मम खलु सततं तन्मुखात् उन्मिषद्भि:
त्वन्माहात्म्य प्रकारै: भवति च सुदृढा भक्तिरुद्धूत पापा ॥४॥

bhakterutpatti vR^Iddhii tava charaNajuShaaM sangamenaiva pumsaam
aasaadye puNyabhaajaaM shriya iva jagati shriimataaM sangamena |
tatsangO deva bhuuyaat mama khalu satataM tanmukhaat unmiShadbhi:
tvanmaahaatmya prakaarai: bhavati cha sudR^iDhaa bhaktiruddhuuta paapaa || 4 ||

श्रेयोमार्गेषु भक्तौ अधिक बहुमति: जन्मकर्माणि भूयो
गायन् क्षेमाणि नामान्यपि तदुभयत: प्रद्रुतं प्रद्रुतात्मा ।
उद्यद्धास: कदाचित् कुहचिदपि रुदन् क्वापि गर्जन् प्रगायन्
उन्मादीव प्रनृत्यन् अयि कुरु करुणां लोक बाह्यश्चरेयम् ॥५॥

shreyOmaargeShu bhaktow adhika bahumati: janmakarmaaNi bhuuyO
gaayan kshemaaNi naamaanyapi tadubhayata: pradrutaM pradrutaatmaa |
udyaddhaasa: kadaachit kuhachidapi rudan kvaapi garjan pragaayan
unmaadiiva pranR^ityann ayi kuru karuNaaM lOka baahyashchareyam || 5 ||

भूतान्येतानि भूतात्मकम् अपि सकलं पक्षि मत्स्यान् मृगादीन्
मर्त्यान् मित्राणि शत्रूनपि यमितमति: त्वन्मयान्यानमानि ।
त्वत् सेवायां हि सिद्ध्येत् मम तव कृपया भक्तिदार्ढ्यं विराग:
त्वत् तत्त्वस्यावबोधोऽपि च भुवनपते यत्नभेदं विनैव ॥६॥

bhuutaanyetaani bhuutaatmakam api sakalaM pakshi matsyaan mR^igaadiin
martyaan mitraaNi shatruunapi yamitamati: tvanmayaanyaanamaani |
tvatsevaayaaM hi siddhyet mama tava kR^ipayaa bhaktidaarDhyaM viraaga:
tvat tattvasyaavabOdhO(a)pi cha bhuvanapate yatnabhedaM vinaiva || 6 ||

नो मुह्यन् क्षुत्तृडाद्यै: भवसरणिभवै: त्वन्निली नाशयत्वात्
चिन्तासातत्यशाली निमिष लवमपि त्वत् पदात् अप्रकम्प: ।
इष्टा निष्टेषु तुष्टि व्यसन विरहितो मायिकत्वावबोधात्
ज्योत्स्नाभि: त्वन्नखेन्दो: अधिक-शिशिरितेन आत्मना सञ्चरेयम् ॥७॥

nO muhyan kshuttR^iDaadyai: bhavasaraNi bhavai: tvannilii naashayatvaat
chintaasaatatyashaalii nimiSha lavamapi tvat padaat aprakampa: |
iShTaa niShTeShu tuShTi vyasana virahitO maayikatvaavabOdhaat
jyOtsnaabhi: tvannakhendO: adhika shishiritena atmanaa sanchareyam || 7 ||  

भूतेष्वेषु त्वदैक्य स्मृति समधिगतौ नाधिकारो अधुना चेत्
त्वत्प्रेम त्वत्कमैत्री जडमतिषु कृपा द्विट्सु भूयात् उपेक्षा ।
अर्चायां वा समर्चाकुतुकम् उरुतर श्रद्धया वर्धतां मे
त्वत् संसेवी तथापि द्रुतम् उपलभते भक्त लोकोत्तमत्वम् ॥८॥

bhuuteShveShu tvadaikya smR^iti samadhigatau naadhikaarO adhunaa chet
tvatprema tvatkamaitrii jaDamatiShu kR^ipaa dviTsu bhuuyaad upekshaa |
archaayaaM vaa samarchaa kutukam urutara shraddhayaa vardhataaM me
tvat samsevii tathaa(a)pi drutam upalabhate bhaktalOkOttamatvam || 8  ||

आवृत्य त्वत्स्वरूपं क्षिति जलमरुदाद्यात्मना विक्षिपन्ती
जीवान् भूयिष्ठ कर्मावलि विवश गतीन् दु:खजाले क्षिपन्ती ।
त्वन्माया मा अभिभूत् माम् अयि भुवनपते कल्पते तत्प्रशान्त्यै
त्वत्पादे भक्तिरेवेति अवदत् अयि विभो सिद्धयोगी प्रबुद्ध: ॥९॥

aavR^itya tvatsvaruupaM kshiti jalamarudaadyaatmanaa vikshipantii
jiivaan bhuuyiShTha karmaavali vivasha gatiin duHkhajaale kshipantii |
tvanmaayaa maa abhibhuut maam ayi bhuvanapate kalpate tatprashaantyai
tvatpaade bhaktireveti avadat ayi vibhO siddhayOgii prabuddha: || 9 ||

दु:खान्यालोक्य जन्तुषु अलमुदित विवेकोऽहम् आचार्यवर्यात्
ल्लब्ध्वा त्वत् रूप तत्वं गुणचरित कथादि उद्भवत् भक्ति भूमा ।
मायामेनां तरित्वा परम सुखमये त्वत्पदे मोदिताहे
तस्यायं पूर्वरङ्ग: पवनपुरपते नाशयाशेषरोगान् ॥१०॥

duHkhaanyaalOkya jantuShu alamudita vivekO(a)ham aachaaryavaryaat
labdhvaa tvat ruupa tattvaM guNacharita kathaadi udbhavat bhakti bhuumaa |
maayaamenaaM taritvaa parama sukhamaye tvatpade mOditaahe
tasyaayaM puurvaranga: pavanapurapate naashayaasheSharOgaan || 10 ||

-------Sri Krishnarpanam-------

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